Beat The Rush

It’s common belief that Spring is typically the best time of year to sell your home. Fair enough; the weather is waImage result for spring timerming up, the gardens are in full bloom, sun shining etc BUT it’s also the busiest time of year in Real Estate. Why? Because home owners have held off putting their property on the market through winter in the hope of taking advantage of the springtime rush of buyers.

Although Spring is a favorable time of year, not only is there a rush of buyers there is also a rush of new homes available for sale, giving buyers more choice.

According to an article published on

“It’s no wonder people traditionally sell their homes in spring: everything’s in bloom, brighter and looks great. But talk to real estate agents and drill down on sales results, and you’ll find that the best season to sell your particular property isn’t necessarily spring.”

The truth is, there will always be buyers looking to buy (yes; even in Winter!).

“There can also be a huge advantage in marketing your home during traditionally quiet periods – winter, for example. With fewer properties to choose from, more of the buyers will get to see your place.”

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Real Estate is a 24/7, 365 day industry. While there are definitely busy and slow periods, pinpointing the ‘best’ time to buy and sell is dependent more on the property itself and the location.

Winter Advantages

  • Homes that get great winter light can really stand out during the cooler months. Those west-facing windows that were a problem in summer can make for a real bonus from June through August. Draw back the curtains and blinds on all windows and let as much light and warmth in as possible. In the cooler parts of Australia, the focus should be on feeling warm and comfy. So light the fire or switch on the heat, turn on all the lamps and add some warm reds and oranges to your soft furnishings.
  • If you know your current house is a “fixer-upper” and may not get as much attention during the busy season, listing your house in the winter could be a great option for you.
  • Buyers looking to purchase a home in the winter months are typically more serious about buying. Unlike the “serial lookers” during peak selling season who aren’t totally committed, winter brings more focused buyers. Let’s face it; if you are going out to tour a home when it’s 10 degrees outside and raining, then you must be serious about buying something!

Advantages As A Buyer

It’s not only the sellers who could benefit from less competition on the market when selling, there will be many buyers in the market who have perhaps missed out on a number of properties during the peak season (either they have been outbid, haven’t had their finances in place, needed to sell before they could buy etc). These buyers are serious! They know what they want, they are ready to move and they have a good knowledge of the market (with the tools available these days and the internet at your fingertips, buyers are generally on the pulse with current market conditions). If, as a buyer, you have been researching the market during the peak season and are ready to buy in Winter; you will typically have less competition from other buyers and you will be in a position to make a strong offer when you find your dream home.

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